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Piceni nel mondo is web site where all the Piceni people living all over the world or in the proper territory can meet each other, change opinions and imagines, talk about the proper experiences and keep informed about main events in Piceno.

Out intention is to build up a place to create opportunities of collaboration and exchange on many levels supporting  social, cultural and economic  development in the territory and all those who are connected with Piceno.

In contact with main newspapers and magazines of the territory, we could offer detailed information of the most important events of Piceno.

Every year there is named the Piceno personality who represents best our territory abroad. The ‘Piceno dell’anno’  is invited to Ascoli to keep a conference with other participants of our economy. This event will bring entrepreneurs living abroad to discover the local opportunities and possible investments in Piceno.

The Piceno including the valleys of Tesino, Aso, Tronto and Vibrata, make a historical bridge connecting the people of Marche and Abruzzo. The customs and traditions are different but there is one point keeping close all inhabitants: proudness to be part of Piceni people.

Piceni nel mondo is promoted by Ascoli Nostra, since 1994 active opinion association organizing many events to protect and valorize cultural and historical-artistic local properties.

The partners of the event are Confindustria and  Chamber of Commerce of Ascoli Piceno.

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