Frescoes projects on votive aedicule and lunettes of Ascoli Piceno


In 2000 the Association Ascoli Nostra has made the census of votive aedicule and sacred lunettes painted above churches’ portals or near the access doors of Ascoli Piceno historic centre’s residences.
There have been catalogued 29 subjects which all together represent styles, schools and different periods; they form an “unicum” of both historical and cultural importance.

Ascoli Nostra has drawn up a restoration’s project for 16 frescoes approved by the Government Superintendence and thanks to the funding of the Foundation of the Savings Bank of Ascoli Piceno a valuable artistic patrimony has been recovered..

A beautiful fresco is appeared during the recovery of the decoration on the barrel vault at “rua di Ponte Oscuro”. The egg-oil tempera (tempera grassa) decoration of the end of the 19th century was cleaned and under it emerged a more interesting fresco of older workmanship (dimension 1,80 x 2,00 meters), depicting the Maddonna with Child, flanked by the figure of St. Emigdius on the right-hand side and another figure on the left-hand side.

The restoration’s works ended in January 2006.

This is a list ifidentified frescoes:

1) Via Carlo Grifi (sulla piazzetta)

2) Corso di Sotto, n. 69

3) Largo della Fortuna (Chiesa romanica di San Giacomo)

4) Via Francesco Tamburini, n. 21 – (Piazza San Pietro Martire)

5) Angolo Via Costanzo Mazzoni, Via Adriano Cinelli

6) Via Adriano Riganté, (Ponte romano Augusteo)

7) Corso di Sotto – Angolo Via Tullio Lazzari

8) Via Luigi Mercantini, n. 3

9) Rua di Ponte Oscuro

10) Via del Trivio – (Chiesa di San Francesco -facciata principale)

11) Piazza del Popolo – (Chiesa di San Francesco)

12) Via Pretoriana, n. 29

13) Via Palestro – (angolo Via Vittorio Emanuele)

14) Piazza Arringo, n. 41

15) Via della Piazzarola, n. 15

16) Via Manilia, n. 39

17) Angolo Rua dei Sanniti – (Piazzarola)

18) Via delle Canterine, n. 48

19) Via Quinto Curzio Rufo, n. 29

20) Largo delle Concezioniste – Rua Antonio Marcucci (sotto il passetto)

21) Via dell’Armellino

22) Via di Vesta, n. 35

23) Via degli Sforza, n. 6

24) Via delle Torri, n. 17

25) Chiesa dell’Annunziata

26) Porta Tufilla

27) Fortezza Pia

28) Chiesa di Sant’Angelo Magno

29) Via del Passo, n. 1








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