Help!The witches…


Our territory has in every corner farmer houses and stables and  too often happens that the farmers find in the morning the proper animals tied and wet and the proper horses with long braids bowed. It is witches fault! Every night at midnight they oil themselves and go to meetings spitting and scratching anyone met on the way… but in the morning when the bell rings they have to pay attention to have returned to their houses to become again normal persons, the role they play in the community life.

But the tricks to unmask them and to protect by them is already known ; as for example to put a comb in the holy water font of the church during the Christmas mess  that makes impossible for the witch to exit after the mess or to put a broom behind the door, pine needles or a glass of sand or salt next to the windows, the witch for her nature cannot resist and counts the broom’s wires, the needles or granules she meets, losing this way  all the  hours  of the night and being obliged to escape at sunrise.

All people anyway had a special object to protect themselves against bad witches, a powerful  talisman that put over the door kept them always far away; Lu Breve, made by a bag blessed in holy water , full of salt, rate or dog hair, holy image, wolf teeth or boar feet, a coin and  a blessed oil tree leave.  This talisman kept away the witches and protected  the owner against envy.  Since years nobody meets any more a witch but among the old people still horrible stories are told about battles against these dark beings.

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