In the kitchen with Aldo Zilli


In 1956 Aldo Zilli was born in Alba Adriatica, in 1976 he moved to England where he began his great culinary career. Bringing among the british his fantastic recipes of italian cousine he had a grat success opening also many restaurants in London and its around, all called “Zilli”. Today he has became a real star in the UK, he was one of the main characters in the show “One Man and His Job”; he has participated as a team captain in the “Good Food Live” losing well 15,5 kg bringing his team to victory. In 2006 he was a guest of the program “Through the Keyhole”, the reality show “The Xfactor: Battle of the Stars” and he has often been in the “Big Brother’s Little Brother”. In 2009 he competed in a competition of “flipping pancakes” obviously winning, given that in a minute he flipped his pancake 117 times well. He has also worked with big companies such as the successful “Thomson Airways”, he has helped the company to submit, to its passengers, during flights, good and innovative meals; ha has helped the “Kraft Foods” creating six recipes in which it praised the Philadelphia cream cheese, flagship product of the company; he has contributed gratly with his talent and experience to the site “Heavenly Inspiration” and to the magazine “You Magazine”. In 2009 he participated in the BBC program: “Best of Friend” helping two girls to create a recipe for their spaghetti and he appeared as a guest in “Max Magic” of Sky One. In 2010 he helped a family to transform its life, losing weight and discovering a healthier way to eating, through the reality show “Lorraine Kelly’s Big Fat Challenge”. An amazing career and a great success for Aldo that will never stop to amaze us, thanks to his dedication and his talent!

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