Paoletti Beverage, historical trademark of Piceno bubbles


The story of Paoletti starts immediately after the end of the first World War at Folignano.
Enrico Paoletti, municipal porter, is also the tavern manager of the village, where the main used beverage by clients is the ‘quarter of wine with soda’. Soon Enrico, caused by continued delivery delays of the soda supplier, decides to start a proper production of the beverage: it was 1922.

The first factory will be founded in the warehouses of the paternal house, where there is also the tavern and where many ladies of the villages find occupation. The production is almost exclusively manual. From the very beginning the quality is considered priority: the different juices  mixed to secret ingredients arrive directly from Sicily, kept perfumed in wooden bottles. The bottles closed by glass balls and with colored labels, glued one by one, are ordered in wooden cases and delivered by  one horse wagons in taverns of Ascoli and neighborhood.

The business spirit of Enrico brings soon its fruits: already two years after the foundation  the company obtains in the International Shows of Rome, Milan  and in 1925 Brussels,  success. Today the company is present mainly in Middle and North Italy and some export markets, re-launching the proper trademark also thanks to the vintage mode of the testimonial Tina Frizzantina.

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